your second wish
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I guess it’s time to say goodbye.

um, hi guys. i really don’t know how to start this everything but let’s just cut this shit off and be free.
it’s hard for me to say this but i thought about it a lot and stuff.
and yeah i’m leaving tumblr.

but i won’t delete my blog for sure. so many feelings and emotions here, i just have no strength to delete or deactivate it. i hope you guys will accept my feelings and won’t ask why i do that, cuz personally i would like to keep all my stupid mind inside.
and you know i still think that sometimes i will have these crazy days when i be eager to come here again and i will come to chat with you cause i will miss you all for sure. so it’s up to you all whether to unfollow me or keep following my blog. cause i really don’t know when i would like to come… if i ever would, lol.

i’m really sorry about everything. seriously. you guys can’t even imagine how hard it was for me to understand everything and came up with this decision.
even though i will be still running my second blog we made with my precious rosi.
so yay everyone follow chanyeol-gifs (can’t help but promote it, lmao)

i love you all with all my heart

always yours julia~ see you maybe. 

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21/50 pictures of Key to obseder.
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hautekills: Comme des Garcons menswear f/w 2012
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